Production Notes

“To the Orcas, with Love”
What we do to nature, we do to ourselves.

Issues affecting Orca whales impress upon viewers that everything is connected. Humans have responsibilities, as the top predator on the planet to steward the natural resource commons – those resources depended upon by many life forms for survival.  The choices we make not only affect other life forms, but ensure our own survival as a species.

Viewers learn about the history of our relationship with orcas and how humans moved from hating and fearing these ‘monsters’ to loving them, and wanting to be near them.

The killer whales on the British Columbia coast are threatened and endangered. Their habitat is changing and their well-being is at risk because of pollution, boat traffic,  global warming and human interference. Hear from Canadian Environmentalist, CBC Broadcaster and scientist, David Suzuki, biologist and director of Sharkwater (2006), Rob Stewart, whale researchers including Alexandra Morton, native elders, artists and other locals who have personal stories to share about their connection to these whales; as well as my own personal connection to the whales during the time that I lived in a hut on the ocean in very close proximity to them during the summer of 2012.

This film introduces viewers to human-caused negative impacts on orcas and other marine life including: ocean noise, plastics in the ocean, hazards of farmed salmon in ocean waters, climate change and ocean acidification, and impacts of human presence in areas killer whales depend on for food.

When we restore the wild in nature and in our lives, we’ll become re-enchanted with the world, dissolving false borders between ourselves and nature.  Healing of society goes hand in hand with restoring our connection to nature and one another. We are part of nature, so what we do to restore the wildness, naturalness in nature we also do for ourselves.

Viewers who heed the call of Rob Stewart for change will embrace the idea that it’s time we rise up and create the world we dream for ourselves.