Study Guides

Use “To the Orcas with Love” in the Classroom

‘To the Orcas with Love’ presents stories of personal connections with orcas and the natural world to inspire responsible action and stewardship of our planet.  Featuring the wisdom of elders including environmentalist and CBC Broadcaster, David Suzuki, whale researchers Alexandra Morton and Paul Spong, totem carver Wayne Alfred, and lifelong resident of the Broughton archipelago Billy Proctor, this film is anchored by Sharkwater filmmaker Rob Stewart’s invitation to rise up and create the world we dream for ourselves.

The elders featured present environmental issues and themes affecting the ocean ecosystem in a straightforward, simple to understand way.  Along the way, viewers learn about the history of human relationships with killer whales and the challenges orcas face due to careless human action.

We’ve designed study guides to help teachers connect curriculum to the film with pre and post viewing learning experiences.  These guides will help teachers frame discussions with their class, design extension projects, and learning activities for before, during and after viewing the film.   The guide also identifies internet resources that provide starting points for further research or discussion. Educational resources include extension activities to help teachers explore a variety of themes and provide students with rich project learning opportunities while providing curriculum content on issues related to environmental stewardship.