Dangers of Farmed Salmon

Our documentary sheds a light on the perils of the farmed salmon industry. We are delighted to see Sea Shepherd Conservation launch a new campaign featuring biologist Alexandra Morton, actor/activist Pamela Anderson and environmentalist David Suzuki.

Other countries have identified problems with farmed salmon and are dealing with serious crises in the farmed salmon industries …. including Norway and Scotland (where most of the farms are owned by Norwegian corporations – just like in Canada).  It’s a continually escalating arms race of chemicals against these parasites that feed on the scales and blood of farmed salmon. The parasite stalks large concentrations of farmed fish and it adapts to treatments to overcome any obstacle these companies throw at them.  At the same time, these parasites, overwhelm and kill wild salmon that pass through these areas.

Why does Canada let fishing companies from other countries, primarily Norway operate these types of farms in Canadian waters when their own country outlaws the practice?

How can it make any sense at all to have Scottish bred, Atlantic salmon being farmed in the Pacific Ocean? It’s clear there are impacts on the wild salmon that swim in these Pacific waters.

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