Celebrating the launch of To The Orcas, with Love into the Ontario education system with film showing and educator workshops at the Bring IT, Together Conference from ECOO/OASBO-ICT here are a few top of mind projects we have learned about:

  1. ihub, a technological research and innovation academy located in St Catharines;  a collaboration between Brock University, Niagara College, Innovate Niagara, and the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) is hosting a Sea World/Minecraft project.
  2. Huron Perth Catholic District School Board is considering an eco-schools project with water/indigenous focus with board ECO teams between March 22 (World Water Day) and March 30 (Earth Hour).
  3. Colin Jagoe, at East Northumberland Secondary School in Brighton, Ontario hosted filmmaker Natalie Lucier on a skype call, as part of helping Grade 10 students pursue passion projects.
  4. Mark Carbone at Waterloo Region District School Board is experimenting with the multimedia education resources from the orca movie soundtrack including, music clips and orca sounds for work with First Nations students in Northern Ontario.
  5. After viewing To the Orcas, with Love,  Zoe Branigan-Pipe is working two full days with her 8th Graders in Hamilton on the topic, ‘What will you fight for?’
  6. Krista Aiello at the Peel District School Board is looking at passion projects with her self-contained gifted grade 8 class.

    Natalie recently signed an agreement with Infobase / Learn 360 so the film To The Orcas, with Love will soon be available in every school in Ontario!

How will educators in your community inspire students with the film?

Inquire about accessing a BluRay version of the film and posters by reaching out to the filmmaker at Natalie@orcamovie.ca and learn about education resources by contacting Todd@orcamovie.ca or view the film with your students at watch.orcamovie.ca